A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Astronaut Keane is part of a space mission to observe a Black Hole.  However, during a space walk a tether comes loose and the astronaut is lost.  The commander has died, but this is just the beginning.  How long can the commander keep the fall going?  How long before spaghettification does Keane in?


Project Event Horizon 124 MB
Project Event Horizon.app.zip 135 MB

Install instructions

Download zip file.  Unzip.  In Folder "Project Event Horizon" double-click on "ProjectEventHorizon.exe" to run the game.


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this game is the best game i have ever played in my entire life

You made my day.,


I like your game ... Haha, then the furniture come i was too curious ... i must tuch it and then it was game Over ...